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December is always a busy time. For me, along with the festivities of the Christmas season, I'm also incredibly {and I'm so thankful and grateful for this} busy in the shop.  I'm still working on getting everything together and documented in our December Daily album, but I'm happy to say that my 30 Days of Lists journal is complete.

Generally, I share lists on Instagram and in the Facebook group when I remember to upload there as well. If you follow me, you have probably already seen many of these lists, but if you're new to the blog, welcome...and I hope you enjoy my take on the list prompts.

So let's get started.

30 DAYS OF LISTS | December 2015 Edition


On the mini white card tag, I stamped Dec 16 just so I can differentiate it from the other 9 journals I already have in my #30lists journal collection. 

Day 1 | December Is For
To me, December is all about family traditions.

I used letter stickers for my list prompt on the front of the folded over kraft bag and I journaled my list on a card in the embellishment pack that is included with your journal.

Day 2 | New Things I Have Tried This Year
Sometimes, the best thing is to spend more time on yourself. And in 2015, I did just that.

Day 3 | Ways To Spread Cheer
Truthfully, sometimes just a smile can make all the difference!

Day 4 | Ways To Survive The Busy Season
I still have a few of my favorite lime green Thickers left {like the #4} and I adore using paper doilies, they seem to sneak into nearly all my mini albums.

Finally, find the label strip used for the title here and kraft journaling strip here.

Day 5 | Songs I'm Listening To Right Now
I used the back of the paper doily for the list number. Early on, I didn't use the back sides of the pages in my listing journals, but the last few challenges I've used them and I'm so glad I have been.

You can find more red tags here.

Day 6 | My Favorite Ways To Be Creative
It would be hard to find a favorite, but here are a few.

Day 7 | The Best Way to Battle A Case of the Monday's
I'm all about prepping and for me, spending a little time on Sunday planning makes a huge difference.

Find more mini tags.

Day 8 | Headlines I Would Like To Read
If only.

Coin Envelopes are in the shop!

Day 9 | I Love How

Day 10 | Favorite Reads This Year

That red report label sticker is in this Tag + Embellishment Kit Collection.

Day 11 | Things I'd Like To Change

Day 12 | How I Prepare For Family Time
I get a little uptight, I admit it.

A similar kraft label sticker set can be found here.
"I Am Grateful" tag is included in your journal embellishment kit.

Day 13 | Good Investments
I've been working on "me" this year, because if I'm feeling fulfilled, the family is a better team.

I added in the blue card using this tutorial.

Day 14 | Ways to Stay Warm
Always good ideas!

On a cold, wintery day, homemade hot cocoa and whipped cream is always a hit in our home.

Day 15 | How To Tell If I Like You
This was a hard prompt, as I don't really know.

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Day 16 | Let's Go

Day 17 | Favorite Things To Wear
My favorites seem to have been my favorites for years, I'm a creature of habit. And simple.

Day 18 | I am Waiting...

"Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" die cut is included in your journal kit.

Day 19 | Overrated Trends
So many...

Day 20 | I Have Plenty Of

Day 21 | I Need...

Day 22 | Signs I...

Day 23 | Say Yes To... many things.

The hexagon Makes Me Smile die cut shape is included in your embellishment pack.

Day 24 | How We Help Others

Day 25 | Favorite Gifts to Give

The sticker sheet on the left is actually the negatives of arrows I had already used. So, I stuck it to my page and journaled inside the blank arrow shapes.
And another doily!

Day 26 | Things That Can Wait Until Tomorrow

Day 27 | Best Things About This Time of Year

I added the date stickers to the tag, included in your embellishment kit.

Day 28 | How To Push My Buttons

Day 29 | Resolutions

Can't go wrong with a colored shipping tag.

Day 30 | 2015 Highlights

This was private, so I'll share what the page design looks like, but I'll save the list for our eyes only.

Bonus | 2016
I added in the glassine bag using this tutorial, but this time reinforced the edge with wash tape since the glassine bag is a bit more fragile than cardstock or journaling cards.

What I Used
You can see how I used a copy of this same journal for the December 2014 30 Lists Edition here.
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I so enjoy this concept and think you will, too. You can create your own journal, buy a journal from my shop, or just post your lists on Facebook or Instagram. There are no rules, just fun! Lots and lots of fun with a really great community of like minded list nerds. Read more about #30lists...there's even a discounted bundle pack of all past lists.

DISCLAIMER | I am an affiliate, as well as a sponsor, of the 30 Days of Lists class and will earn a small affiliate fee if you use any of my links to purchase the class. As you can see by the number of times I've taken classes, I believe in this adventure and think you will enjoy it, too.

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  1. I love looking at all your lists!

    1. Thanks Jeanne! And I really do love creating a little bit of something every day, mini book are perfect for that don't you think?

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  3. I love the over-all look of this mini-album. Have pinned a couple of shots so I don't lose you ;-) Creative Blessings!

    1. Yay, that makes me happy! Thanks for reaching out, my dear.


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