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We're just a little bit ready for a break and are counting down until we leave for the beach on Sunday! It's been a while since I've really documented our Summer, like I did here which just happened to be featured on Ali Edwards' blog, and want to really get back into doing something crafty every day. 

I create something nearly every single day, but it's usually for the shop. Sometimes 10 or 20 things every single day for the shop, but how I wish that after all that I made the time to do something creative for OUR family.

So I am. I'm making a commitment to our family and documenting our Summer. and you can join along with us. Now, just to decide if I'll use the horizontal or landscape option. Hmmm.
#summer #scrapbook #travel #journey #minialbum #lifeisgood
Thinking of what to include in the mini album for our upcoming Summer adventures is always fun and so I thought that I would just make a few more and add them to the shop as well. You can find them here

As much as I love using my Bind-it-All, there is something about the flexibility of using book binder rings that is so appealing. As I'm creating, I daydream of how thick and chunky and full of memories and adventures this little mini album will be when it's finished. With the rings, adding brochures and photos and bits and baubles is so easy.


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