why i love our bedroom ottoman

Will you use a bedroom ottoman? You know, for something other than a place to stack that laundry that needs to be put away?

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When it comes to decorating our home, luckily Gordon and I agree on just about everything. He's not a complainer, so when he actually does say something about how I've decorated, I listen. And that was the case when we purchased this ottoman several years ago. Mr. wRight wanted a place to sit down and take his shoes on and off every day while the whole time I was wondering if we would be disciplined enough to keep it cleaned off and not a clutter catcher.

I have always loved the look of an ottoman at the foot of a bed when I've seen it in magazines or on decorating show, so we went for it and have not regretted the decision. And, I'm happy to report that our ottoman is not a clutter catcher. In fact, it's a wonderful gathering place. As Gordon returns home each evening and heads up the stairs to our bedroom, one {or both} of the girls {and all of the cats} head up with him and settle on the ottoman and begin the sweet chitter chatter of updating their DaDa about their day.

I love to overhear their sweet little conversations. 
And it's for those sweet overheard moments that I love our bedroom ottoman.

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