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I've been trying to learn to crochet off and on for a year. I took at class at a local yarn shop, using a deal site coupon, and left disgusted because the regulars were in there doing a coffee klatsch while one of them was "teaching" me. Grrr. And then I took another class at a craft chain store and did better but it still didn't click with me, so I put my yarn away for a while.

Just recently, I picked my yarn bag back up and have been crocheting whenever I get the chance. What really worked for me was watching videos, I'm a visual learner and much prefer the videos to reading a pattern, here's link to the video I watched. What appeals to me about this video is that there isn't any talking to distract me, I can just watch the crafter and follow along at my pace. 

I changed up the pattern details just a bit, I'm so bad about wanting to begin a project and not having all the materials so I often have to wing it with what I have on hand.

my VARIATION on the video tutorial
  • Yarn        Although I love the color of the yarn used, I had Yarn Bee Calcutta Chunky in Firebird on hand and used it. It actually took me 3 skeins, so it wasn't a cheap scarf to make. Maybe that's why the video host suggested what she did. 
  • Pattern   I reduced the stitches from 141 to 116, if I remember correctly, because I wanted a       shorter scarf. I almost made my scarf too short because my yarn was chunkier than the sample yarn recommended by the video host. It was a learning experience and probably a mistake a seasoned crocheter would not make. It all turned out in the end, thankfully.
#scarf #crochet #infinity #tutorial

I do love to wear a scarf in the winter, it just makes me feel cozy and warm. Honestly, I don't just wear them to go outside, I wear them in the house all the time because it's kind of chilly in the Studio during the Winter. It's always better to add another layer than to jack up the heat. 

If you have a crochet project you think this beginner could create, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. I might want to try a beanie cap next, especially with all this snow we're getting. It's been snowing since 4pm this afternoon and now it's nearly 11pm and it's still snowing!

Find other projects I want to create on my to crochet board on Pinterest.


  1. Yarn crafting is a spendy hobby. It really is. But it is totally worth it. Realistically, a couch-sized afghan of Caron's Simply Soft yarn (which is quite fabulous) will cost about 45$, give or take (less if you can buy everything on sale, but not by much!). But, you get a blanket of color and pattern chose by you, you get to enjoy the time creating it, and be reminded of that every time you use it!
    For beautiful, yet simple patterns, I highly suggest you take a look at - Lucy has a ton of patterns (for free!) with plenty of images to help along the way! And everything is so colorful!

  2. Oh my goodness, you're so right! I love that I can let my personality show through. I've just found the most adorable granny square tutorial to try out...they, for some reason, seem to be the hardest thing for me to master. I love that she's shown how to change yarn colors, that has been stumping me.

    Thanks so much Jessica for sharing with me, I hope to find time today to try i t out!

  3. Oh Monika - this is absolutely beautiful. Those colors are so dreamy together!
    I have many easy, beginner type crochet patterns on my Pinterest board - Needleworks.

    1. Yay, I'm so glad you shared! I already pinned a beanie cap to try...I've been searching for a cute one.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the colors of that scarf-I really need to learn to crochet. Something tells me it would help calm me down during stressful basketball games.

    1. I didn't think I could do it, and it took a couple of tries, but I think I have the hang of it now! I did some granny squares during Isabella's last golf practice, and it was a great way to pass the 1.5 hours we were there. I have more projects to share, with links, so be watching for those.

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