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I'm happy to introduce a guest today, my friend Lisa Borbely. You may remember that she and I were 52Photos partners. Truthfully, I miss those weekly prompts. Hey, maybe we should start it back up as an Instagram challenge...are you in?

Lisa is a crafty crafter, a photographer with an eye that captures everyday life in new ways, a blogger, a Mom, and also newly engaged to her love. She has a heart of gold, this I know for sure, even though we've never met in real life.

#iloveitall #gratitude #gratitude journal #mini album #scrapbooking #grateful #365

Today, she's sharing her Gratitude Journal with us...with a twist. She and her fiancé share the same journal!

From Lisa
When I recieved the journal I had already thought that it would be one that me and my fiancé would use together. It was a suprise I had for him! He is a guy that is up for most creative adventures I think up :)

We keep our journal on my bedside table and we write in it each night as we get ready for bed. Since we usually write about a sentence each there is not always enough room in the journal for a whole month. I have added a few pages and labels so that we have a little more writing space! 

I love the feel of the journal now that we have 2 months worth of grateful thoughts in there! 

#iloveitall #gratitude #gratitude journal #mini album #scrapbooking #grateful #365
#iloveitall #gratitude #gratitude journal #mini album #scrapbooking #grateful #365
#iloveitall #gratitude #gratitude journal #mini album #scrapbooking #grateful #365

I have found that we repeat things when we write our daily gratefulness, for example a good day at work, a day with sunshine and laughter. That shows that we are grateful for everyday kind of things and it makes me very happy!

I look forward to fill the journal with more thankfulness!

My Thanks
I can't thank Lisa and her fiancé enough for sharing their Journal with us. I adore that they have taken their thankfulness to the next level as a joint project and a few extra moments for them to reflect on their new life together.

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  1. I just adore this idea, Lisa!! So hoping I can get Mike to participate sometime, as well. I'm loving reading your gratitudes! <3 Thanks for featuring her, Monika! Looking forward to others sharing how they use theirs. :)


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