wright now | the landscape edition

I never shared our progress from last Spring as we went from small entryway deck at the kitchen door to big, beautiful mud porch. But I will.

Fast forward to this Spring and we are progressing on finishing up loose ends on the mud porch, adding stone to the block foundation and making decisions on landscaping. We've had a load of dirt delivered, so we've begun distributing that around the various beds as we wait for the next step...plant installation.

First, though, come the final decisions on what plants we'll choose.

Wright Now | Landscape Edition    iloveitallwithmonikawright.com

We are lucky enough to already have two white dogwood trees to plant and will take advantage of some free rootings from Nana on the Creeping Jenny, but will wisely put our dollars into getting in our foundation plants first and then fill in with smaller plants and ground covers, hoping that eventually the need for mulch will all but disappear in a few years. Gordon will be using the tractor to place the landscape rock that we have on hand and supplement those with some found on the property.

We're all thrilled with the prospect of project completion, but me especially. And I can't wait to share pictures when we're all finished.

Photo Credit for #5 belongs to me! I was lucky to capture this a few years ago.

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