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Stamping is not my crafting obsession, but I do own my fair share of stamps. In this installment of projectSTUDIO, I thought I would share how I store my stamps in my tool chests.

My favorite way to use stamps is in mini albums and journals and even stamping on patterned paper to make my own embellishments and journaling spots for layouts. I seem to get a better impression with the old-fashioned red rubber stamps with a wood handle, probably because I'm a smoosher and the smooshing style does not partner well with acrylic stamps. But that's another story.

For a large number of my rubber stamps, I rely on my recycled gift boxes idea. You'll see that I stack a layer of stamps in what was the lid of a sturdy gift box {red box seen at left} and the bottom of the box {white} fits nicely inside the lid with another layer of rubber stamps. The right side shows how the bottom fits inside the red lid, making a home made two-tier organization system.

As I could never get the acrylic stamp sets I own to fit back into the packaging as nicely as it should, I wondered if they would fit inside the glassine bags I stock in my shop. And they did. And it makes me so happy to not have to wrestle with the original packaging, which always seemed to stick on me. You can see that there is plenty of room to slide the stamp sets inside the bags {below} with room to spare. 

The stamp sets even stand up nicely inside the glassine bags stacked inside my recycled shoe box container, along with some other smaller acrylic stamps that are a perfect fit for the smaller glassine bags I stock.

The clear acrylic containers you see standing up with more rubber stamps are from Stampin' Up.

And for the stamps I tend to use all the time, I keep them out in the open so I don't have to hunt for them on a daily basis. They're stored in a two-tiered pedestal just above the drawers that hold all my stamping supplies.

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  1. Great stamp storage ideas, Monika! Love the idea to put the clear sets in glassine bags- I always hate putting them back in their original packaging, too!

    1. Oh, I agree, the glassine bags have been a lifesaver to my sanity!

  2. Everything looks Fabulous my Friend!
    I hope you had a good Mother's Day <3

  3. Great storage ideas my friend. I've a lot of clear stamps and it's no fun to put them back so I'll try it with glassine bags too.
    And the etagere is so lovely <3
    Have a great week.


    1. Let me know how you like using the glassine bags, Maren!

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