the country fair

A slightly warmer than normal Fall day on Saturday had us all glad we were wearing short sleeves. We spent the afternoon at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center Blue Ribbon Country Fair with Oma {German for Grandmother and we just all call her that now} and her friend, Nana and Papa and the girls and us.

Making the decision to leave the big camera at home allowed me to enjoy the event without worrying about me knocking my camera into people or buildings. I did have my iPhone with me and was still able to capture the essence of the afternoon without being too obnoxious about it. I posted some of them on Instagram, too.{@monikawright}

Living on one of the main State highway that leads into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park makes it tough leaving our driveway and getting onto the highway, especially in the Fall when the leaves begin turning colors. We sat here for 5 minutes before we could make the 8 minute drive to the Heritage Center.

First up, we signed up for a few events and then the girls participated in a Sack Race...Victoria came in 2nd and Isabella in 3rd place. They thought it was cool to learn they earned a ribbon!

Nana served on the Guild for the first several years and both she and Papa continue to support the Center through donations and their time. You can often hear Papa tell tales of days gone by during the Storytelling Days. His parents met in Cades Cove, now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, where they lived until they married. It was in their honor that he constructed the Wheelwright Shop for the Center and it is in their home that we now live. The property belonging to the Wright family reaches all the way to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park line. Told you we were lucky to live where we do.

That's a photo of Papa's parents, Gordon's grandparents, Willie & Nancy Wright.

Oddly enough, the property that the Heritage Center now sits on was where the home of my ex-husband's Grandmother once stood. She was a spunky little lady and I so enjoyed spending time with her. And actually, Zach and I and his Father lived in that house for a time. Odd how things happen sometimes, eh?

I never knew there were so many varieties of chickens.

Now for more fun. Victoria wanted me to be the man.

Isabella wanted to be the man.

Gordon IS the man!

Are they just a little excited about the Greased Pig contest? Of course, with these two, it's always a contest to see who's the fastest. Or who's first. Or some variation of that sort. Better them chasing after a Crisco-laden piglet than me, that's for sure.

While we wait for the Iron Skillet throwing contest I signed up for, the girls check out two calves on display.

That's me heading up to the starting line to toss my iron skillet. I didn't win...the winner tossed her skillet over 70 feet! Gordon said he was going to have me out in the field practicing so that I can win next year. You think he's kidding.

And what would an afternoon of family fun captured on your iPhone be without a selfie?

I really loved that we were able to spend a few hours together, both sides of the family, because that's what our girls' memories will be made of, time together.


  1. Memories are made of these. :) Looks like you guys all had a great time. Xo

  2. Gorgeous photos and such great memories!

  3. Awww, y'all are so blessed to live in the mountains. I haven't been in years and I'm yearning to go!
    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I always have to do the pics where you stand behind the wooden photo op! Have you started practicing for next years skillet throw? lol

  4. great post.
    love that first pic!!!!
    looks like a very lovely day.


  5. Thank You for sharing Monika!
    i really enjoyed your post ;-))


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