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Sitting together discussing our day's activities with one another last night, Gordon said he was glad that the girls and I were doing so many activities together this Summer. We had planned an out-of-town vacation, but kind of forgot that we were going to have a new puppy {Scout} so then cancelled the vacation. We've made an effort to do around town activities that one always visits if they're a tourist, but not necessarily if they are close to home. 

Yesterday we went to the Zoo where Isabella held a tarantula. Eeek. It was HUGE! The goats had a chat with Victoria. The girls obliged me with a photo. And we waited for the pretty bird to stop grooming himself so we could try to get a photo. We also did a little shopping at the nearby outlet mall that included a few new clothing items and tennis shoes to get Isabella ready for school.  Both girls got a casual pair of shoes and Victoria scored with two pairs of house shoes that were 70% off. I'm BIG on them wearing horseshoes, I guess because we have hardwood floors. Lunch and dinner out and a before-dinner milkshake were highlights. And our time together. I had a glimpse into what the years ahead will hold for this Mommy and her two {little}girls. Conversations. Opinions. Shopping. Laughter. Good, good times.

"It's all the little things they'll remember," my sweet husband said. 

DISCLAIMER | Okay, I must admit that Mommy made a quick stop in at the Coach store as well. 50% off and then another 30% on top of that. Two Christmas gifts purchased and one little sumpin' sumpin' for me! 

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Can you believe that Christmas is just five months away...as of yesterday?


  1. Well my friend...that is what I was saying over on fb...except that it is actually 5 months away...and boy was I getting alot of grief.
    Your day sounds lovely. What a wonderful recap.
    Sounds like indeed you did enjoy.

  2. Tarantula, a bear, oh dear. You're living on the wild (life) side :) :)

  3. What a great day; cute disclaimer!! Isabella's shorter hair is cute too!


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