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What could possibly be nostalgic about this particular photograph? Actually, it's not the photograph itself, it's the memories it evokes. It has me thinking of Gordon applying Dracula make-up {white face, black eyes...} to Zach so many years ago. And if I remember correctly, I'm guessing that Zach was the same age Isabella is now, 8 years old. It touched my heart then that Gordon would take the time to make sure that Zach was prepped and ready to go have some "scary" fun. He's so good that way. 

And on this Halloween, we even made a stop at our house again after visiting Oma, so that Gordon would freshen up Isabella's make-up to be cute for our visit with Nana, Papa and Uncle Chad.

You might also wonder why it is that the DaDa is applying the make-up, well, he's just so much more artistic than I am. Must be his Fine Arts Degree in Design, what do you think?  

And here's a bonus photo, of Victoria as Cinderella...she wanted make-up, too, of course and it looks as if Mommy might have been a little heavy handed in the blush and lipgloss departments. Too soon they'll find the dressing up part is not something big girls do, so we had better enjoy these moments while we can.

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I'm headed over now to upload about 10 photos to the Flickr group...finally. Anyone else behind in doing the same thing? Ghere for an explanation, a blog button and an invitation to join our 52 week journey of discovery! We'd love to have you join us...just jump in now and see where your photos take you.

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  1. How sweet and bittersweet ...yep, it all goes by so fast...



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