'twas the night before halloween

I think I might have mentioned, at least I have on Facebook, that our Family has been under the weather. As in for the past 10 days, one or all of us have had some sort of viral bug. Fever, coughing, knife-stabbing ear pain, congestion, drainage. YUCK-O! So what seems like the time when I have the most projects due, and am {thankfully} very busy with the Etsy shop, I have been sick myself or taking care of someone who is sick. Full Disclosure: Before Gordon got sick himself, he pulled 125% of his weight in nursemaid and chef duties!

And that's why I have resorted to only gifting pencils to the Kindergarten and 3rd Grade classmates of the girls this year...the night before Halloween, on top of that. Yes, this is what I was doing at 5:00 on Sunday evening.

Let's begin with a pile of pencils purchased on sale last year, tags from the shop {but offered as a free download yesterday}, scallop punched black cardstock from Momenta, Mandarin baker's twine from The Twinery, a slit punch from Stampin' Up, scissors and some time.

Here, you can see that after I tied the pencil securely to the punched scallop, I slipped the tag's string between the baker's twine before I finished tying the knot. I also used the back of the tag to let the recipient know who the pencil was from.

Three cute pencils embellished, only 35 more to go! Hoping you'll enjoy the sugar rush that will soon be yours!


  1. What a time to be sick, with the kids all hyped up for Halloween! I hope you'll all be better soon.
    Take care,

  2. Cute idea, and I'm sure the parents will appreciate something that isn't full of sugar! Hope you are all feeling better soon -- being sick is the pits! {{Hugs!}}

  3. Very simple yet very cute, I love it!

  4. I sure hope y'all are feeling better!!! :)
    Such a cute idea.... I love your quote too! Right back at ya..."Happy Boo to You!"

  5. These are so cute! :-)

  6. Oh no Monika, hope you will all be better soon! What an adorable project, I am sure the children will love them.


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