Another older layout, this time using some paper purchased at a deep discount. After all, not many people have a first name beginning with the letter U, right? I had the handprint hanging around as a sample from another project and decided to use it on this layout capturing Isabella in September 2009. To reinforce the U theme, I also began each characteristic with the letter U.

I did a similar layout for Zach and Victoria using this same paper and the same format. But, you already knew that I often recreate the same layout three times, one for each of the kids, didn't you. It really doesn't take that much longer to make three rather than just one.


  1. Nothing digital can substitute your "U"-page. i printed a page like that onto canvas and made a cover for my phone book. It is very old but I love to see my son's handprints (he was 5 then) every time I use it. Maybe I should do a grown-up version now. Your idea inspired me!


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