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Big sister, Isabella, is playing Mommy to her little sis. As I walked in {without the camera} she proudly turned around and looked up at me. With that special {I'm Proud of Myself} look that only a parent knows, Isabella told me to "go rest, I'm giving Victoria her bath tonight, Mommy." I usually try to, still, give them a bath together at the same time. They have to squeeze in, but it's one of those last little bits of babyhood I'm holding onto. They both want to take showers and I'm resisting. 

Can't they just stay little a little longer?

For those of you that are Facebook Friends, you already know that Victoria lost her first tooth. Yep, my last baby removed her first tooth all by herself, forgoing the tradition of DaDa pulling it out. I didn't even get to see it myself. She was upstairs in her room and the next thing I know, I hear her distinctive little run/hop down the hallway and down the stairs until I can hear her excitedly telling me that she lost her tooth. She immediately had to call Nana, Oma and DaDa. And here, I caught the excitement of Victoria telling her exciting news to Nana.

My baby is transitioning from a bud and has begun to bloom into the young lady she will become. Sigh.

next week's theme


the wrap-up

We're in the home stretch of school here, less than two weeks left until summer vacation begins. so hard to believe that another school year has been completed. that means all kinds of new possibilities open up for me when capturing our weekly challenges...i'll have two energetic little girls to add to the fun.

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  1. I, too, am trying to keep my kiddos young by having them bathe together, but it's about time to transition (since they're a boy and a girl) :(

    At times, don't you wish you could keep them young forever? I never understood that until I became a mom. Time flies!

  2. My goodness - that hair! It's gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for that marvelous post Monika!
    I agree with Donna, that hair is sensational!!

  4. Oh blimey don't resist the showers, I am still trying to encourage my 9 and 12yr old boys that showers are great as they both still prefer to take a bath !!


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