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I included a photo of me not too long ago for the "wrinkle" challenge, so I wanted to get a new photo of me...photos of me are rare. I thought about one of me driving my new car, but thought that that wasn't too safe. Well, not safe at all is the true statement. Then I thought of one of me reading, because I do really love to read and don't seem to find the time to do it all that much lately.

So, I pulled the tripod I got for Christmas out of my closet, set it up and read up {again} on how to use my camera's self timer and put it outside. I thought I would get a photo of me doing some gardening. Because that really is a true springtime assessment of me. Assessing what needs to be moved, pruned, divided and bought for the yard.

And this year, there's been a lot of head shaking as I see where our little chocolate lab pup, Cocoa, has decided to dig. Cute as she can be, but man does she chew and dig. Good thing she knows how to use the sad puppy eyes look to her advantage or Big Mama would be scolding her way more than I do.

She dug up a perfectly beautiful azalea, leaving the dead azalea sitting right next to it in its place.
I dug that one up. Hmmmpphh.

next week's theme


the wrap-up

Can you believe that we're already entering into the 16th week of our 52 week journey? Working on a solution to housing my 52Photos collection...photos and stories...and hope to share that soon.

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  1. Ha, LOL, your blog date says, MAY 14th...am i late? Seems i'm always late. Mom always said i'd b late for my own funeral. Enjoyed your mini book week so far. Thanks.

  2. loving following your 52 week project monika. fun pic.

  3. i am so happy that you read up on your camera settings! i know that you want to learn more about your camera, and really the self timer is a great thing to know! and fun!


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