reward me!

In a streamlining, cleaning-out, simplifying, clutter-busting kind of mood lately. And there were way too many store rewards cards hanging out in my wallet. 

What's a scrappy crafter to do? Get busy, that's what! Gather your cards, binder rings, grab your Crop-o-Dile and start punching holes! Now.

Next up, find a scrap of double-sided cardstock, like I did. I REALLY should have used some of the recycled cereal, mac-n-cheese and instant oatmeal boxes I save to use as chipboard backing for a lot of my mini-albums. Wouldn't that be cute?

I used some American Crafts rub-ons to spell "reward me" and then used a black marker to scribble scrabble {as Victoria calls it} a border because I didn't have a rub-on border that size.

Oh, and if you have any ideas on how to store letter stickers, please clue me in with a link or a comment. I am out of ideas. My collection is getting bigger and bigger and I really want to get my sCrap room re-do completed so that I can share a few things with you.


  1. this is ingenious! i might have to do that to my stash. LOL


  2. This is so clever! I have mine in a very un-crafty plastic bag:)

  3. Oh I love this I have them swimming all over my purse and they dont fit in my new wallet so getting on this this weekend. Now for letter stickers I found these 12x12 pockets with 3 hole punched tabs that I put my letter stickers and rubons in by color. I then have them in this really old D ring album I can take the whole pocket out to look through a color or jut take out the particular sheet I need. the best part is I got them at my dollar store

  4. What a terrific idea!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I've enjoyed your projects at WCS, and it was terrific of you to leave a nice comment--thanks again!

  5. This is brilliant! I can never find the right card in my wallet. And what a great baby toy while you are in the store. :)


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