Gratitude Journaling and #ilovethursdaythanks

#gratitude #gratitude journal #grateful #journaling #thankful #thanfulness #Mindfulness #365 Things I Am Grateful For

I've been journaling in a Gratitude Journal, on and off, since 2010. That's right around the time I also began blogging and opened my online shop, I Love It All. After readers saw the journal I had blogged about, they asked if I would create one for them. I doubted if people would even buy such a thick, chunky journal. But they did. Over and over and over again.

This is a screenshot I took on September 13, 2017 of my original gratitude journal that at the time had been pinned over 70,000 times from this photo alone! It's the same one you see in the photo above all the way to the right.
#gratitude #gratitude journal #grateful #journaling #thankful #thanfulness #Mindfulness #365 Things I Am Grateful For

I wanted to document my thankful thoughts and grateful moments. As you know, I'm sure, not all days are sunshine and daisies and I'm not afraid to record those moments that have me feeling less than joyful. My feeling is that this is real life, my life and if I can power through those days that I struggle to see something good - because face it, there IS always something good in every day - I am grateful.

That's where #ilovethursdaythanks comes in. Why don't we all share a grateful moment from our week and share it? I'll be documenting one page from one of my Gratitude Journals each Thursday over on Instagram. You can follow along with me, I'm @iloveitallshop and you can also follow the hashtag #ilovethursdaythanks, too.

So, see that first photo up there? Those are just a few of the Gratitude Journals I use. Sometimes I like to get artsy, some days I have a longer story, and then other times I don't even journal every day.

You have to find a system that works for you and go with it. If that means trying several different methods until it feels right, do that. Don't give up. Miss a few days? Or weeks? Or months? Carry on, begin again and find joy in the journaling!

Yesterday, Isabella had golf team photos. Watching her with the group and then for her individual photos, I was reminded of the first year she played team golf. She was a 6th grader, had never played golf and was a little girl.

Now she knows what she's doing, most of the time. She nearly had a hole-in-one on her last round of golf this year. And, she's not a little girl anymore.

That's her, third from the left.

#gratitude #gratitude journal #grateful #journaling #thankful #thanfulness #Mindfulness #365 Things I Am Grateful For

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September 30 Lists | Days 1 - 5

If you've seen my posts on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen my lists for the September 30 Days of Lists challenge. Registration is still open and I invite you to join this fun community, if you're up to document your story. But if you haven't seen any of my lists yet, here's a peek at my Days 1-5.

Here's the journal I'm using:

When you flip open the kraft bag, which has been folded over, there's a bonus page! I used a graphic that was included in the registration packet, the "I'm A Lister Because" card you see, and added a kraft paper pennant with my reason: I want to share my story. ❤︎

Flip the bag once more and there's my Day 1 list. I added the ONE die cut that was part of the freebie download I designed for the challenge, everyone who registers gets access to the download.

I used thin black washi tape to adhere my "the story" journaling card. If you're a fan of journaling cards, there's a wonderful selection of printable cards in the shop > Journaling Cards or take a look at the other Print at Home offerings. I also added a cardstock tab and wrote September, then added the ONE die cut that was part of the freebie download I designed for the challenge. Everyone who registers gets access to the download.

The Enjoy stamp came as part of the journal design, but I decided to color it in partly with my bright pink marker. I used a label sticker, found in this Embellishment Kit, for my list prompt and date on the right side of the pge and the remainder of the stickers for my list on the left side of the page.