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handmade gifts from your stash

12.17.2010  at 7:00 AM

So glad you stopped in today because I know you're busy trying to make your things-I-have-to-get-done-now-before-it's-too-late lists shorter. No, I can't bake and frost the cupcakes for the class party for you, but I can help you create some adorable handmade gifts all with items from your stash!
One flower three ways? After seeing a tutorial for this flower on page 64 of the December 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I decided to pull out my felt collection and start crafting. After cutting six 2" circles and six 1.25" circles, I layered them with one edge touching. After pinching them together at the bottom, I ran a threaded needle through the four layers of felt and repeated for the other 5 petals. After stringing them together to form a flower, I created three different projects, all using the same flower.

Clearance items and Dollar Bins call my name, knowing that I can repurpose them into a gift. Therefore, my stash includes not only paper and embellishments, but containers and notebooks and more. Using an art canvas with a pattern I didn't love, I covered it in fabric using my stapler. Yes, my stapler, not a staple gun. I just opened it up to lay flat and stapled away. I added the felt flower, but felt it needed just a little bit more, so I attached the border strip and it felt good. I plan to pull out my embroidery floss and a needle once I decide where this gift will find its new home, and add an inspirational word in a nice flowing script right on the yellow felt border strip. 
Obviously our hair model, me, needs to get her gray roots touched up to better showcase this hair clip. This time, I sewed my felt flower to the clip, but you could definitely use E-6000 glue {sold at most craft stores} or maybe even your hot glue gun to attach it permanently. Are you thinking that this would make a nice gift topper? I think so, too.
I know my stylish Mom would adore this pin, pictured above right. Goodness knows my 7-year old fell in love with it and wants it. Bad. A flower brooch would look lovely on a sweater and certainly brighten a winter coat, too, or even your toboggan.

For our first notepad, I used my Bind-it-All, a sticky note pad, pretty patterned paper from Sassafras Lass and the calendars available here and here {free shipping!}.

Grab some chipboard, cover it in your fave patterned paper scraps, wrap some ribbon around it and attach a tag. Insert a sticky notepad inside and you have a gift everyone in your office will adore {after you make 8 of them}. Teachers love them, too, especially if you give them a few extra notepads to go along with it! 

DESIGN TIP |  I like to use a glue stick when adhering paper to chipboard pieces so that I have a little time to position the paper before it's permanently adhered. I find that tape runners are not that forgiving if you don't get it on the first try.

Looking for inexpensive classroom gifts? Using double-sided cardstock, two punches, a stapler, stickers and your trimmer, you can make notepads from your scraps. I scored my cardstock and folded, then trimmed some photocopy paper to size and folded it. While the notepad is closed, staple through all the layers at one time. Add a border punched strip to cover the staples and another punched shape with a letter sticker and you have a great treat bag item, Sunday School class gift or a little something to give your Girl Scout troop!

This project was originally posted at Ella Publishing and I wanted to share it here, too!

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